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Every student will have to write an essay at some point in his academic life. So, if you don’t know how to write an essay in English yet, it’s important to build this skill as soon as possible.

Academic essays help you to develop good writing skills, which are essential today in almost every profession. Writing an essay in English is obviously difficult for non-English speaking students. But even if you’re a native English speaker, writing an essay isn’t always easy.

Beginning is the hardest part of essay writing and this is where most of the students get stuck. Unfortunately, many students do not know how to choose the right English essay format. These students are either unaware of the English essay writing process, or they overlook it completely. What they don’t realize is that by following the essay writing process, they can make essay writing much easier for them.

How to Write an Essay in English – A 7-Step Essay Writing Process

The essay writing process eliminates the confusion and helps students to write their essays in an organized manner. It breaks down the entire essay writing task into smaller components so that it becomes less threatening for students.

Generally, essay writing is a step-by-step process and should be followed sequentially. Here are the 7 key steps involved in the essay writing process:

  1. Choose the type of essay: There are four major types of essays: Narrative, Descriptive, Persuasive and Expository. Narrative essays tell a story whereas descriptive essays focus on the details. Alternatively, persuasive essays try to convince the reader and expository essays provide a balanced analysis of the topic. You can learn more about each type and then choose the correct English essay structure for your essay.
  2. Choose your essay topic: Here you should brainstorm ideas and write them down. Once you have a few English essay topics, narrow them down to come up with the best topic that answers the question prompted in your essay.
  3. Do the research: It is impossible to write a good essay without research. Internet can help you find topics to write about and guide you with your research. Although, be sure to keep things organized, as you may need to refer back to your research later.
  4. Write your thesis statement: A thesis statement goes into the introduction paragraph and is basically the main point of your essay. It helps you to put your ideas together and tells the reader what your essay is about.
  5. Create an outline: An English essay outline acts as a skeleton for the essay and helps you to organize your paragraphs in the right order. You can write a topic sentence for each paragraph so that you know exactly what you’re going to write in each paragraph. If you’re writing an argumentative essay, these tips will help.
  6. Write your essay: This step is self-explanatory. Here you start writing your essay from the outline you have created. Your essay outline will prevent you from getting stuck and help you to write a clear and cohesive essay.
  7. Edit your essay: This is the final step where you revise your essay and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. Re-read your essay to ensure that it sounds good and that everything flows together nicely.

How to Write a Good Essay in English that Everyone Likes

Students should aim towards writing the best essay. A reflection on English class essay will show you the importance of writing a good essay.

The essay writing process discussed above makes essay writing easier, now you just have to follow a few tips and techniques to make your essay stand out.

  • Search for an English essay example on the internet, as it will help you to develop your own style.
  • Build your vocabulary, because no one likes a verbose essay. Through good vocabulary, you can express yourself in fewer words.
  • Make it easier for the readers. Avoid using long sentences and make use of interesting syntax to convey your arguments in a persuasive manner.

Avoid these Essay Writing Mistakes

If you really want to learn how to write an essay on time and don’t want it to become a burden on you, avoid these most common essay writing mistakes:

  • Waiting for the last minute to write the essay.
    Writing the essay in a hurry.
  • Writing without research.
  • Overlooking the essay writing process.
  • Copying essays from the internet.
  • Submitting essays without revision.

Such mistakes will not only ruin the overall quality of your essay, but will also delay your submission making your professor unhappy.

Choosing an Essay Writing Alternative

Sometimes, students find themselves stuck in situations where it’s impossible for them to submit their essay on time. An essay writing service can provide English essay help in this case. An English essay helper can truly help you to get good grades and ensure that your essays get submitted well before the deadline.

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