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It has been a topic of contention over the past decade and will still be in the future if one solution is not settled. Most essays about the death penalty tend to weigh in on the pros leaving the cons neglected or if they do, only combing through them.

The death penalty has been done away with in most countries while others like the United States, India, and Egypt still cling to them dearly. How then can we consider a death penalty effective?

It has to be measured against a reduction in the rating scale of a specific crime charged. This is a death penalty persuasive essay that will blow your mind away and change your perception of capital punishment.

Death Penalty Essay Introduction

The death penalty is primarily intended to lower the number of capital offenses in any country. Demographic numbers, however, dispute this, arguing that these crimes have increased the more.

Take a look at the number of murders, drug trafficking, and espionage cases over the past few years. Statistics show that these cases have been on the rise. Death penalty argumentative essays show that the primary purpose of this penalty has been neglected at the expense of revenge or other malicious reasons by the perpetrators.

There is a dozen of disadvantages associated with this form of capital punishment. Some have been sketched out hitherto, but let’s look at the gross ones in-depth, shall we?

What if the Suspect is Innocent?

According to statistics, more than 137 prisoners were set free in 2017 because they were innocent of the crimes prior accused. Note that some of these prisoners had spent years in captivity.

So, is the death penalty still valid here? Imagine if all these would have been beheaded or electrocuted on an electric chair! Would justice have been served for them even after proving their innocence?

Here is more!

Isn’t Society Brutalized as a Result of This?

This capital punishment argumentative essay has establishes that the punitive methods used are terrorizing, barbaric, and even immoral.

Think of the people who carry out such executions as shooting, beheading, or electrocuting of the convicted fellows. Won’t they have any traumatizing psychological effects in the future?

Ever considered the costs associated with the death penalty?

Against the death penalty, argumentative essays often overlook this determinant. Goodman says that death penalty cases average up to $2.5 million.

Now, what if the government directs this to a development project? The result will be, creating more jobs for the idlers who are prone to such capital offenses.

Thus, most pro-capital punishment essays will lose out on this.

It Creates Revenge at the Expense of Justice

Capital punishment, in most cases, implies: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. If someone kills, then he or she ought to be killed too through the death penalty.

The society will, in turn, apply this to their daily dealings with each other. What kind of people will we have in the end? One that seeks revenge, right?

Morality will, therefore, be a drop of ink in the ocean for such a society. Would you like that?

It implies that there’s no other way to help this person.

The Death penalty means the person is gone forever! A death penalty persuasive essay will not give room for this person to undergo rehabilitation.

Who knows? What if, after the person undergoing rehabilitation, he or she can positively impact society? Many prison inmates who have been released turned out to be better than those who have never seen the gates of a prison facility.

Concluding Remarks

The cruel nature of the death penalty makes it unacceptable in any modern-day society. We can only then consider the death penalty adequate if it indeed reduced or eradicated capital offenses in society. This irony should be a wake up call to all countries that still administer this form of capital punishment. It is unacceptable!

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