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“The only medicine for suffering, crime, and all the other woes of mankind, is wisdom.”

How do you perceive this quote?

Back in 1868 Thomas Henry Huxley wrote an essay titled “A Liberal Education; and Where to Find it.” In this essay Huxley dives into explaining the value and purpose of education and the importance of liberal education. The above mentioned quote greatly explains and gives solution to a complex subject, all in one sentence. Think about where would humanity be without education and knowledge. The fact that now almost everyone can educate themselves on any topic is already a small victory. Just imagine that in religious studies “first professorships were established as recently as the final quarter of the nineteenth century.”[1] Today numerous colleges and universities offer religion and theology majors. Our custom essay writing service created this post to help students find books, essay title ideas, and general information about this academic field.

This post includes an infographic that is divided into sections, each section is dedicated to one of the following areas: agnosticism, existence of God, God and evil, systematic theology, and religious ethics. Each section lists religion topics for research papers and books. Even though there are tons of books and collections of theology essays, we have included only some of the best theology and religion books.

There were many books to choose from, but we’ve done our research, checked and double checked to include only the most relevant and useful books. This was done by reading numerous reviews and checking different websites for book lovers. One of our main sources for overall rating and reviews was GoodReads. As for theology paper topics, our team picked each other brains and researched each area that is included in the infographic to list only topics that will be engaging both for the writer and the reader.

After the infographic we have listed more details about each book and example essay topics that were included in the infographic. Finally, at the end of the post you will be able to find other tips and information about religion and theology studies.

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List of Books and Paper Topics as Seen on the Infographic above



1. Agnosticism by Robert Flint (1902, 1903, by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York. 680 pages)

2. The Agnostic Reader by Sunand Tryambak Joshi (Published August 1st 2007 by Prometheus Books. 386 pages)

3. Voices of Unbelief: Documents from Atheists and Agnostics by Dale McGowan (Published September 7th 2012 by Greenwood. 278 pages)

4. Infidels and Heretics: An Agnostic’s Anthology By Clarence Darrow, Wallace Rice (first published January 1st 1929)

5. Agnosticism and Christianity and Other Essays by Thomas Henry Huxley (Published May 1st 1992 by Prometheus Books. 242 pages)

Essay Topics Examples

1. Bayesian Agnosticism

2. Atheism or Agnosticism

3. Rational Liberalism vs. Evolutionary Agnosticism

4. The Origin of Agnosticism

5. Atheism and Agnosticism in Kant, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche



1. The Miracle of Theism: Arguments for and Against the Existence of God by John Leslie Mackie (Published January 13th 1983 by Oxford University Press, USA. 288 pages)

2. The Existence of God by Richard Swinburne (Published June 1st 2004 by Clarendon Press. 363 pages)

3. Does God’s Existence Need Proof? by Richard Messer (Published September 2nd 1993 by Clarendon Press. 176 pages)

4. Does God Exist? by J.P. Moreland, Kai Nielsen (Published April 1st 1993 by Prometheus Books (first published July 1990). 320 pages)

5. Not a Chance: God, Science, and the Revolt Against Reason by R.C. Sproul, Keith A. Mathison (Published August 19th 2014 by Baker Books (first published September 1st 1994) 252 pages)

Essay Topics Examples

1. A Debate on the Existence of God

2. The Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe

3. A Scientific Argument for the Existence of God

4. Faith, Reason, and the Existence of God

5. On the Nature and the Existence of God



1. God and Evil: An Introduction to the Issues by Michael L . Peterson (Published August 19th 1998 by Westview Press (first published August 18th 1998). 134 pages)

2. Out of Eden: Adam and Eve and the Problem of Evil by Paul W. Kahn (Published October 29th 2006 by Princeton University Press (first published October 9th 2006). 232 pages)

3. God And Evil by C.E.M. Joad (Published 1943 by Harper & Brothers; 360 pages)

4. Can God Be Trusted?: Faith and the Challenge of Evil by John G. Stackhouse Jr. (Published March 9th 2000 by Oxford University Press, USA (first published January 1st 1998). 212 pages)

5. Rethinking Evil: Contemporary Perspectives by Lara Maria Pia (Published November 30th 2001 by University of California Press. 314 pages)

Essay Topics Examples

1. The Development of the Concept of God and Evil through the Ages

2. Is Evil Evidence against the Existence of God?

3. Goodness of God and Origin of Evil

4. The Problem of Evil and The Problem of God

5. God and Evil and Relation between Faith and Morals



1. An Introduction to Systematic Theology: Prolegomena and the Doctrines of Revelation, Scripture, and God by Cornelius Van Til (Published December 1st 2007 by P & R Publishing (first published December 12th 1961). 409 pages)

2. Systematic Theology, Volume One: Grounded in Holy Scripture and Understood in Light of the Church by Douglas F. Kelly (Published January 20th 2009 by Mentor (first published December 30th 2008). 620 pages)

3. Systematic Theology: Volume 1: The Triune God (Systematic Theology) by Robert W. Jenson (Published May 1st 2001 by Oxford University Press, USA (first published August 7th 1997). 256 pages)

4. Systematic Theology 3 Vol. Set by Thomas C. Oden (Published April 30th 2006 by Hendrickson Pub. 1614 pages)

5. Salvation Belongs to the Lord: An Introduction to Systematic Theology by John M. Frame (Published May 22nd 2006 by P & R Publishing. 382 pages)

Essay Topics Examples

1. Christian Systematic Theology in a World Content

2. Constructing Theories in Systematic Theology

3. Systematic Theology from a Science Perspective

4. Systematic Theology for a Postmodern Era

5. A Systematic Theology of the Christian Religion



1. Principles of Conduct: Aspects of Biblical Ethics by John Murray (Published July 17th 1957 by William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company. 272 pages)

2. Comparative Religious Ethics by David Little (Published November 1st 1978 by HarperCollins Publishers (first published 1978). 266 pages)

3. Explorations In Global Ethics: Comparative Religious Ethics And Interreligious Dialogue by Sumner B. Twiss, Bruce Grelle (Published November 19th 1999 by Westview Press (first published May 20th 1998). 360 pages)

4. Comparative Religious Ethics by Charles T. Mathewes, Matthew Puffer, Mark Storslee (Published July 31st 2015 by Routledge (first published October 27th 2013). 1878 pages)

5. Blackwell Companion to Religious Ethics by William Schweiker (Published January 31st 2005 by John Wiley & Sons (first published December 16th 2004))

Essay Topics Examples

1. Religious Ethics in the US

2. Responsibility in Modern Religious Ethics

3. The Natural Environments Impact upon Religious Ethics

4. Religious Ethics and Pastoral Care

5. Religious Ethics in a Pluralistic Society

Additional Information on Religion and Theology Papers and How We Can Help You to Write Them

After the infographic you will be able to find other tips and information about religion and theology studies. Finally, at the end of the post we have listed more details about each book and example essay topics that were included in the infographic.

Many of the people in the world belong to a particular religion. Many of these individuals may either belong to the major religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam or other smaller religions like the Judaism. In the recent years, theology, madrassa, and philosophy studies have continued to be developed. The students undertaking these studies are required to write academic papers to meet the academics requirements. Theology and religious articles are quite challenging to develop. Various factors make the religious papers the hardest for students to handle on their own. They include:

Theology, a study of many religions – Theology is the study of many religions found across the world and those that have been there over time. The students have to learn the religion practices that are unfamiliar. Despite this fact, they are required to write religions papers successfully. Even to the students with a lot of interest in theology, they find it challenging to develop such articles on their own.

Multifaceted – the Religious study is interdisciplinary given that it covers various areas of academics, including theology, anthropology, and historical studies. It does the writing of religious papers to vary because the paper written for the theology class is not the same to that of anthropology. Therefore, the students must be aware of the nature of the religion that spans over many academic areas of study.

Citation and referencing – Religion papers call for special referencing and citation. Therefore, the formatting of these assignments becomes a long and tedious task. Exegesis is an individual religious writing that uses a unique form of referencing. It also requires an extensive knowledge of the Bible, Quran or other religious books that the student might not have.

Extensive research – In the religious paper writing process, studies are needed to apply methods and theories borrowed in other courses, subjects or fields. The religion or theology student may be ignorant in these areas of study. Writing a religion paper, thus, becomes a difficult task for many students to finish competently. However, it is interesting to the professional writer(s). The actual challenge in writing religious papers lies in the approach through which the tutor may require.

The nature of religious articles is academic and secular – these papers have no base of any faith. They should never be used to refute or justify certain religious beliefs that are controversial or under dispute such as the existence of hell, the existence and character of the devil, the real Sabbath day and many others. Therefore, it turns out to be futile to use rational inquiry when developing religion or theological papers.

An important aspect to note is that any religious or theological writer must know the Code of Hammurabi, Sanskrit, the Bible, and Upanishads, the Quran, the Scroll and any other relevant religious text. For the students, it is not a simple task. Thus, it becomes necessary for the students to seek help from the experts, who can handle any religious studies assignment on the above texts. However, it is hard to get professional custom writing service(s) with writers who have specialized in religion and theological concepts.

Religion and theology paper writing at the University

University religious articles for theology students are sophisticated. References made by most philosophers make the whole writing process multifarious. The tutors will not accept any paper that does not meet the standards. Most of the students lack good research skills, and any attempt to undertake the writing process proves futile. The prudent students will always seek help from online essay writing services. Are they avoiding wasting time asking questions like, how will I get my religion paper done? Can I buy theology papers online? Religion and theology papers custom writing company(ies) employ professional writer(s) to handle your work. Our agency employs writers who are holders of Master’s degree in theology or any religion related studies and PhD holders in the same fields of study. They are exceptional at their work because they have done more religious assignment than any undergraduate student can do during the entire university life. Allow our custom writing service(s) to handle your theology paper and have a guarantee of scoring the best grades.

Religion and theology papers in college and high school

College religion and theology papers are similar to university documents. The college students, just like the university students need help with their writing. However, high school students must not be forgotten. For them, religion may be only a single subject they take and not an area of specialization. Our professional custom writing service(s) has writers who can handle religious writing at all levels; hence, high school students are free to order their papers with us.

Religion and theology papers for international students

International students face the greatest problems when it comes to writing religious articles. Most of them in the United States come from countries with Hindu, Islamic, atheist and even Buddhist cultures. They, therefore, find it challenging to write religious papers in a Christian-dominated country. English grammar is also a problem they face. We have both ENL and ESL writers. Therefore, we handle the grammar for international, as well as native students in the best way possible.

Our writers are familiar with all formats that can be requested, including Harvard, Chicago, MLA, APA, or even Turabian format. Our papers are also customized to meet your demands. Our quality assurance polishes the work submitted by writers to ensure that it meets the required quality and originality.

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