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Reading a novel can be relaxing when it is done for fun. If you have to write an essay about a book, it can be challenging. If you follow the process for writing, you will create an excellent piece. If you have to write an essay about the famous Animal Farm book, how will you present it? What elements should it contain? Is it a summary of the book? This article will highlight themes for Animal Farm essay as well as how to write the essay.

How To Write Animal Farm Analytical Essay

To start your essay on Animal Farm, you need to understand that a summary doesn’t cut it. Your professor wants to see more than just a plot of the story. They want an allegory with themes of the novel highlighted. Teachers want you to throw more light on the totalitarianism as well. What is the big picture idea from the story? What are the techniques used to accomplish this goal?

As you write your Animal Farm literary analysis, the best way to start is to write the theme statement. This sentence basically explains what the author tried to convey about the world, life, humanity, or anything else from the story. You need to write this and then convert it into a thesis statement that introduces your entire essay.

Think about the Animal Farm George Orwell essay as having more meaning outside the main story. Then interact with the text personally and worldly. That is the only way to write an essay and not just summarize it. Here are some questions to help you gather more information for your essay:

  • What theme subjects does it highlight? That is more than the plot. So, it includes things like power, love, revenge, death, freedom, war, growing up, and more. Make a list of them. Some include power and how it corrupts, class distinction, and others.
  • What themes do you understand from above? Can you analyze them? Pick a few to work with on your essay.

Animal Farm Theme Essay

As you create a thesis statement, you still need to do some brainstorming. This is because planning your essay properly makes it easier to write an essay. Use a rough draft for this and then use the idea from the draft to write the essay. To complete your theme statement that will become your Animal Farm thesis statement, you need to ask yourself some questions. The answers to those questions will determine what you will write about in your essay. They include:

  1. What is the cause of the class segregation in the story?
  2. What did the class segregation cause eventually?
  3. If you pick two themes, how do these themes interrelate?
  4. From the ideas gathered from the three questions above, what was the author trying to pass as a lesson to readers?

Come up with ideas from the fourth question and narrow the answer you get to a single sentence. If you succeed in narrowing down the idea based on the book’s plot, then you will write an excellent theme statement. Note that the idea may be broad, but it is applicable beyond the main story. That means that it must not contain any direct references to the plot details. Still, the idea must be specific enough not to get mistaken as any other book.

Topics For Animal Farm Theme Essay

After getting a theme, you need to streamline it to the topic. Some topic ideas for your essay can border around manipulation in Animal Farm or literary criticism of Animal Farm. Some other topics include:

  • Compare and contrast ruling methods of Napoleon and Snowball
  • Discuss the similarities between Napoleon and Jones
  • Which characters are protagonists?
  • Discuss the characters and their names and illustrate their personalities.

Lots of authors know that characters in a story sell it. These can be symbols and also serve a greater purpose. The author of Animal Farm, George Orwell, used his characters as symbols. You can also do the same for your Animal Farm persuasive essay.

Some other topics from the theme include:

  • Describe the main theme of Animal Farm
  • Describe the power tussle and how power corrupts the pigs
  • Discuss the Animal Farm novel’s correlation to the revolution of Russia
  • How did Napoleon corrupt the socialist ideas of Snowball and Old Major?
  • The novel is based on the Russian revolution but are the themes relevant now?
  • What causes class segregation and distinction among humans from the novel
  • How did the author highlight the gullibility of the working class?
  • How was the language used as a tool for control on the farm?

You can’t go wrong with themes and characters. If you want other literary devices to use, consider some topics about symbolism.

Writing Your Animal Farm Power Essay

Your essay should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. The body should highlight all the ideas on your outline while the essay conclusion should relate to your thesis statement. Try not to derail as you write because it can be easy to write about more than what you have outlined. Stay on the themes you have chosen to work on.

Animal Farm Essay – Easier Than It Seems

If you need writing help for your essay, you can get it at an affordable price. Otherwise, you can follow all the tips above to create an excellent Animal Farm essay.

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