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At some point within your education, you will be asked to write an essay that is based on your personal opinion on a given subject. The basic essay format for is a structured account that presents your position followed by several discussion points outlining your reason for reaching this position. The essay can be of any length but you are still expected to adhere to some basic elements when writing an opinion essay. Before we get into these, however, let’s learn a bit more about what this kind of writing entails.

What is an Opinion Essay?

The opinion essay is a candid piece of writing in which you present your opinion on any of a number of opinion writing topics. It’s closely related to argumentative writing but is a little less academic in that you don’t have to extensive research – but rather back your thesis with various arguments and reasons on why your opinion is correct. You are, of course, trying to get the reader to agree with you or at least value your opinion as something that can be correct. It’s not hard to find opinion essay examples on the web; they are everywhere. Film and book reviews, editorial pieces, and response pieces all follow the basic opinion essay format. Chances are high that you probably read opinion essays several times a week without having noticed.

How to Write an Opinion Essay

  • Narrow Down Opinion Essay Topics
  • You’ve probably already known that it’s recommended that you write on a topic that piques your interest and encourages you to present your thoughts and ideas on. Make a list of about 4 or 5 topics and evaluate each one; the single topic that you feel confident you can write on the most should be ideal for this assignment.

  • Search for Relevant Information
  • Next, search for related information on the topic. If it’s something current or controversial you shouldn’t have any trouble finding opinion essay examples free on the web from which you can use for a foundation on which to develop your own thoughts.

  • Create an Opinion Essay Outline
  • Just like other assignments, the question of “how to start an opinion essay” has one answer: begin with an outline. Organize your discussion points in a manner that will make more sense to the reader. Chronological, point-by-point, or otherwise, you need to think about how you can structure your essay for the greatest impact.

  • Write the First Draft then Revise
  • The first draft of your essay allows you to put your ideas down on the page without the worry that you’re writing prowess will be critiqued in any way. Try to do this in a single sitting and don’t waste your time going back to make deletions or corrections. Just keep going. Next, get away from your work for a while so that you can make revisions with a clear mind and fresh perspective.

  • Edit and Proofread the Essay
  • Again, the editing and proofreading stage should be done with a clear mind. Step away from your writing before you conclude essay; this allows you to edit judiciously and proofread accurately. Even the tiniest mistake in grammar, spelling, or punctuation can take away from the overall quality of your work – which is something you can easily prevent by putting in the careful effort.

Original Opinion Topics for Your Consideration

The following ideas are great for any kind of opinion essay assignment. But don’t feel limited to these ideas alone; use the list as a starting point to aid in the development of your own topics. In all great academic writing, you need your genuine enthusiasm for a topic come through in the written material. This list should give you a solid idea of the kinds of things that you can certainly present in opinion writing, but you can see that you can write on just about anything that as an argumentative question:

  1. Do you think physician-assisted suicide should be legal in the United States and in Europe?
  2. Should the United States stop buying products from countries with poor working conditions?
  3. Do you think that animal testing should be allowed to ensure human safety from foods?
  4. Should Dreamers be allowed permission to stay in the U.S. and even be made citizens?
  5. Do you think it’s possible for religious people and atheists to agree when it comes to politics?
  6. Should religious schools introduce more science topics contradicting creationism and religion?
  7. Should women athletes receive equal pay or one that correlates to their success in sports?
  8. Do you believe that today’s slang will eventually deteriorate proper conversational language?
  9. Are students emphasizing too much time on outdated subjects that have no place in society?
  10. Do you think television censors should allow more cursing and foul language on network TV?
  11. Should politicians that run for office be allowed to receive large corporate campaign funding?
  12. How does popular music impact the way people consume celebrity news and personal gossip?
  13. Do coaches need to be good former players in order to achieve success in their sport?
  14. Do you think role-playing board games help build strong social relationships in teenagers?
  15. Should professional athletes be compelled to conduct press conferences after each game?

Places to Find More Assistance

You now know the basics for writing a solid opinion paper, but you may still feel the need to get a little extra help. Great places to turn to are professional writing services. There are dozens of high-quality services that offer free resources, lists of topic ideas, opinion essay samples and one-on-one support for any type of academic assignment. They are cheap to use and can often take a good paper and turn it into a stellar paper. Just be sure to check out a few reviews before committing to one service, since there are so many to choose from and not all of them specialize in all academic areas. It’s good to know that the service you do select is an expert in opinion writing.

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