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College students often have to write essays and reports, among others. These essays may be on different genres and thought-provoking questions such as a happiness definition essay. If you have trouble writing a happiness essay, you can find some ideas to help you get started.

What Is A Happiness Essay?

Happiness essays often cover what happiness means to students personally. It can be complicated because this definition is relative. No two people have the same experience. However, if you have an idea of what to focus on, writing essays on happiness would be a lot easier.

Picking A Topic

Lots of students believe it is difficult to find a topic to write on while others worry that they may not reach the word count. This shouldn’t be a problem because most of the time, the teacher provides a topic to write on. In rare cases, when there is no specific topic, you can choose a general idea and build on it.

Brainstorm first to find a topic. As you do your research, put down everything you can think of. Later on, you will have to narrow them down later on.

After this, make use of mind mapping or clustering to brainstorm. It will be easier to come up with a new idea. You can write an idea or topic in the paper and create some clusters around it to put down related ideas.

This method can come in handy to help you to develop a good topic and also recognize all the connections between the different parts of the topic.

To pick a topic, think about what happiness means to you. Is it video games? Shoes? Bags? What makes you happy. Happiness can be gotten from different aspects of life. It is best to start with the fact that happiness differs for every person. You can choose to write about the things that make you happy as well as what makes other people happy. The options are numerous to try. The easiest, however, is writing about your own happiness. Ask yourself, “what makes me happy.” Pick a topic that you can relate to and write from your soul.

Here are some topic ideas with explanations to be considered:

  1. Gratitude And Happiness

    Here you can write about small things that people have in their lives and should be grateful for – for instance, the smile of your child, a cup of hot coffee in the morning, having a cozy place to sleep, and so on. Sometimes, these things are difficult to be spotted, but everyday happiness comprises of all these moments.

  2. Happy Relationships: Myth Or Reality?

    Whereas building healthy relationships is considered to be a challenging task, explore some ways to make them work. For example, it’s great for both partners to avoid toxicity, focus on the positive situations, show genuine care for each other, and so on.

  3. Is It Possible To Be Lonely And Happy?

    Are you tired of hearing that you should get married and have a child in order to be happy? That’s a great idea for your essay – find out whether a person can find happiness through self-realization, helping others, or spiritual practices.

  4. How To Maintain Work-Life Balance And Stay Happy?

    In our fast-changing modern world, it becomes hard to earn decent money while leading a fulfilling social life. So, write an essay, examining the ways to be satisfied with your personal life and work as well.

  5. Happiness: Should You Build It Or Find It?

    Finding happiness – doesn’t it sound a little passive? Instead of waiting for the happy moments coming your way, you may consider creating them on your own.

Writing Your Thesis Statement About Happiness

The thesis statement is a major part of any essay. It is a short sentence that highlights what the happiness essay is about. It can be as short as five words. For instance, the thesis statement can be “happiness comes from love.” This statement can be used as a premise for the entire essay. It will also help you to remember that all the points you have written must link back to the main thesis. The thesis statement is usually stated in the introductory part of your happiness essay.

Also, it has to be broad enough so that you can have enough points to work on. However, it shouldn’t be too broad, so, it won’t be thorough.

Preparing Your Outline

To write essays on happiness in life, you need to prepare an outline. Outlines are essential in all types of essays as they help you to collect your thoughts after research. The outline often contains all your ideas arranged logically.

Start preparing the outline by putting down the thesis statement. This part is located at the top with a topic sentence for every paragraph below that. As you write the outline, please note that you need to know all the paragraphs to include before even writing about them.

Try to avoid jumbling words and ideas together in the paragraphs so as not to confuse the reader. Also, make sure you have transitions set between the paragraphs so that the reader would understand how the paper flows from each idea to the next one.

Be sure also to fill in all the supporting facts gotten from your research under every paragraph. Make sure the paragraphs are linked to your thesis while also being cohesive and easy to understand.

Writing Happiness Essay

After preparing the outline, the next step is the introduction. Use the information from the outline to write your introduction. It should introduce your essay points. This part can be difficult to write. If you have this problem, you can write the body first before returning to the introduction.

The body of the essay comes next before the concluding part. Be sure to add all the points highlighted in the outline.

Need Inspiration? Take A Look At Some Essay Samples!

The “what does happiness mean to you” essay is simple and direct if you follow all the tips above. You can find examples of happiness essays online to give you an idea of what to write. You can also get writing help for your short essay about happiness if you do not have enough time to finish the assignment.

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