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As the number of fatalities attached to random and targeted mass shootings continues to increase, so does the intensity of the debates about gun control. Since you’re reading this, you’re either trying to write a gun control essay for or against gun control. Whether your anti or pro-gun control, the rules or writing gun control research paper are the same. So, how do you make a sound argument for gun control or against it? Keep reading to find out.

How To Write The Different Types Of Gun Control Essays

Before you start writing, you need to determine what type of gun control essay you are interested in writing. If your instructor has already told you what type of essay you’d be writing, all you have to do is make sure you know what it entails. Some of the most common gun control essays are as follows;

As the name implies, this sort of essay simply defines the term ‘gun control.’ If you have been asked to write a definition essay, you’ll have to give a detailed explanation of gun control and related terms. There is no need to make an argument for or against it.

When you’re asked to write an argumentative essay for gun control, your job will be to start with an outline and provide a logical argument about why you are in favor of gun control or why you don’t buy the idea. It should be full of empirical data that promote logical reasoning about gun control, depending on your stance.

This type of gun control essay has to do with convincing the reader what their opinion on gun control is inaccurate. For example, if the reader is for gun control, you have to convince him or her to be against gun control and vice versa. Just like with the gun control argumentative essay thesis, you need to provide empirical data that supports your argument.

In this case, your task involves identifying the similarities and differences between arguments for gun control and arguments against gun control. You will neither be for or against it. All you have to do is highlight the points and opinions of both camps.

When you’re writing a process gun control essay, you need to make sure that you explain how to solve the gun violence problem. You don’t necessarily need to be for gun control or against it. All you have to do is explain how certain changes in the regulations for gun ownership can help curb the problem.

If you’ve been asked to write an expository gun control essay, you don’t need to answer questions like “why should we have gun control, or “why shouldn’t we have gun control.” Your goal will be to state everything you know about the topic without picking sides. You can talk about the different opinions about gun control but don’t give your opinion. Just report what you research.

In this case, you don’t need to provide any empirical data. All you have to do is tell a story. The story can be fictional or real, but the goal should be to show the reader why gun control is a good or bad idea. So, you can write a story about how gun rights helped save a life or about how gun rights cost someone his or her life.

As the name implies, your goal is to find the cause and effect relationship between two factors by investigating a given situation. For example, you can come up with a hypothetical situation of a mass shooting in a high school and identify the cause and effect relationship between the shooting and the gun control regulations.

Your job, in this case, would be to give a vivid description of what life would be like either when gun control measures are tightened or loosened. The reader should have a clear picture of what the world would look like if certain rules are removed or put in place.

When you’re writing a critical gun control essay, you’re not necessarily leaning for or against gun control. Your job is to provide a critical analysis of both parts of the argument. You can also decide to analyze only one part of the debate critically. Your analysis must be unbiased.

Tips For Writing The Perfect Gun Control Essay

Gun control can be a sensitive topic when you consider the number of mass shootings and the people who were involved. If you or your loved one have been affected by gun violence, presenting a logical essay will be difficult. You may be tempted to allow your heated emotions to take the space of logic in your content. You must put these emotions aside and focus on the research you can find.

There are many misleading articles about gun control on the Internet. So, when you’re conducting research, make sure you collect data from reliable sources only. If there is no way to verify the information, try to avoid using it. When you refer to the news, collect your data from reliable government websites or reputable private sources like CNN, BBC, USA Today, etc.

Since there is so much information available on this subject, it isn’t difficult for you to lose focus on what matters. Make sure that you keep your content relevant by using only the information that is directly related to the topic of discussion. Also, stick to one type of essay. That should be obvious from your gun control essay introduction. For example, if you’re writing an argumentative essay, don’t add elements of a narrative essay halfway into the content.

As stated earlier, some instructors might give you details about what part of the gun control debate you need to write about. However, this may not always be the case. What do you do when many people want the government to ban guns, but you believe that is not the answer to the prevalence of gun violence? Do you move to the pro-gun control camp? That wouldn’t be necessary. The only way you’re going to write a compelling essay is if you’re convinced of what you’re writing. Switching sides just because everyone around you doesn’t believe what you believe isn’t a good idea. The same example applies in a situation where you’re don’t support gun control, and the other people around you support it. Don’t follow popular opinion.

Wondering How To Write Gun Control Essay? We’ll Help!

These are some tips that can help you write great content for gun control. Irrespective of the type of essay you’ve been asked to write, always remember to provide accurate information, keep your emotions aside, stay relevant, and stick to your beliefs. As a bonus tip, all your essays should be free of grammatical and typographical errors before submission. Therefore, if you’re not sure you’re up to this task, it is time for you to get the help of the professional essay writers – they will craft a perfect gun control essay in no time.

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