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When writing an essay assignment, you need to ensure there is a clear flow of ideas from the start to the end. This flow and cohesion demonstrate your grasp of the topic under consideration. But how do you do this?

In addition to carefully researching the topic under consideration, you must be able to use connecting words and phrases. In this post, we will demonstrate what connection words are, outline examples, and their application in sentences.

What Are Connecting Words?

Linking words are important terms used to connect sentences and paragraphs to demonstrate the logical relationship between ideas in a piece of text. When two sentences are joined using transition words, paragraphs become smoother so that there are no unnecessary breaks between ideas. Other benefits of using words for connection include:

  • They easily carry the reader from one idea to another.

  • They demonstrate the relationship between a concept and another.

  • They make an essay easy and enjoyable to read.

  • Connecting words prevent mental jams for readers.

  • Preventing harsh leaps between ideas and paragraphs.

The Role of Linking Words in a Persuasive Essay

If you are tasked with writing a persuasive essay, your task becomes very easy if you know how to use linking words. Creating a persuasive essay is like arguing a case in court: you need to take a side and argue for it. Therefore, connecting words for essays help to make the ideas coherent for the reader. Here are the steps of writing a winning persuasive essay:

  1. Start by taking a position about the topic at hand. Go for the option that you can argue easily and has more resources.

  2. Make sure to understand the target audience (readers).

  3. Research your topic comprehensively.

  4. Identify the most convincing ideas and use essay connecting words to make every paragraph easy to read. When writing the introduction, use hook words to grab the attention of readers. Then, use linking words to join sentences and present one idea per paragraph.

  5. Before turning in your persuasive essay, make sure to reread it and confirm you have used connecting words properly, the ideas are flowing well, and there are no spelling mistakes.

Examples Of Connecting Words For Essays

Now that we have demonstrated what are essay connecting words and their use in writing essays, you might be wondering: “What are the main examples of connecting words?” Here is a comprehensive connecting words list that you can use when writing assignments.

Sequential connection words

  • Firstly, secondly

  • Furthermore

  • Next

  • Finally

  • Also

  • At present

Sample sentence: I can’t wait to watch “Jurassic Park,” it will be released next weekend.

Emphasis connecting words

  • Primarily

  • Above all

  • More importantly

  • Most significantly

  • Besides

Sample sentence: Every student must commit, above all, to work hard in studies.

Results (showing cause and effect) linking words

  • Thus

  • As a result

  • Consequently

  • Hence

  • Therefore

  • It follows that

  • For this reason

Sample sentence: It is raining today, thus, we will not go hiking.

Linking words of contrast

  • Even though

  • While

  • Whereas

  • On the contrary.

  • Though

  • Although

  • On the other hand

  • By comparison

  • In comparison

Sample sentence: Although Jane was tired, she washed the dishes.

Linking words of possibility

Sample sentence: Unless you wake up early, it will be hard to catch the bus.

Connecting words of time

  • After

  • Until

  • Whenever

  • Before

  • When

Sample sentence: No guest should leave the reception before greeting the bride.

Connection words of comparison

Sample sentence: The news reported that Miami would be very hot this weekend. Likewise, New York will be, too.

Connecting words of conclusion

  • To summarize

  • Ultimately

  • Given the above

  • Finally

  • As described

  • As can be seen

  • It can be concluded

Sample sentence: To conclude, I wish everyone a happy holiday.

Connecting Words Will Help You Craft Top-Notch Essays

From this post, it is clear that connecting words are central to helping students craft the best essays. They help them transition from one idea, sentence, and paragraph to another in order to make descriptive essays persuasive. Make sure to use the above examples of connecting words to hone your writing skills.

As a college student, it is prudent to appreciate that learning how to use connecting words can take time. Therefore, how do you handle the assignments at hand? If you have a persuasive essay assignment but lack the skills to write or have a tight deadline, the best idea is seeking writing help. Homework help services work with expert writers who can use your preferred connectors or other words for connection to craft top-rated essays.The student help firms can also provide useful advice on writing quality essays.

Do not get content writing average essays. Mastering connecting words will help you to get the best!

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