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Who else disliked bullying in school with passion as I did? I mean, you come to class with your impressively towering sandwich, then boom! The class bully appears. Since you are this tiny skinny boy, probably considered the lastborn of the course, you’re forced to hand it over to him without question. So traumatic, right?

But that’s not our discussion for the day.

So, first things first – what is a bullying essay?

It is an essay where you write with powerful words or use of threats to the readership? No. (If given a chance, however, I know some of you would do just that.)

It is merely a research paper intended to define what bullying is, clearly bringing out the causes and effects of bullying in schools and, lastly, recommending possible solutions to this menace.

Yes, I called it a threat because it’s an experience none of us would wish to go through at all.

So, now that we understand what a bullying essay is, we’ll now move on swiftly to see how a bullying research paper outline looks like, shall we?

Let’s have a quick one before we move on to that.

What would you do if you crossed paths once again with that haired, obnoxious, and tyrannical bully of your class? That pain in the back who would tell you to carry him on your back to and from class? I’d probably buy him a large deluxe pizza for hardening me. (I see that expression, but save it for another time).

Now, back to our bullying essay.

It can also be an argumentative or persuasive essay for that case. An argumentative essay about bullying will require you to present arguments about both sides of the topic.

A persuasive essay on bullying will, on the other hand, require you to convince readers to believe in an idea or opinion about bullying and to take action.

But here’s the catch.

Any essay on bullying will seek to expose what causes it, or what compels the students to bully each other, and then give remedies because it’s not an acceptable practice in the society today.

Let me now break down for you the structure of an essay on bullying. So tighten that seat belt because we’re going on a rough flight over the Atlantic Ocean, but you know who your pilot is – so no cause for alarm.

Structural Elements of a Bullying Essay

Here, we are going to unveil, with examples, of course, some of the essential structural elements of this type of essay.

Are you ready?

1. The Title

I am so much in love with allegories, so allow me to use one here too.

Imagine a lady in a designer, close-fitting dress with precious jewels, and rocker style shoes but with the facial make-up totally in disgust. The hair is looking scraggly or untidy. Would you give a second glance at such?

So will the case be for a well-articulated essay with an unpleasant title. Let the title draw the readers to read the story rather than scare them away at first glance.

For instance, one may use a short title like Painstaking Bully Types or How to Get Rid of Bullying Once and For All! It now sounds provocative to the reader.

The interesting part now.

2. The Introduction

My grandmother often told me that the first ten words you start with during a speech would either give a good or bad impression of you to the audience. I guess my high school teacher passed through her hands because that is what he also taught me to do.

The topic sentence used for this bullying essay should be appealing and a bit provocative too to entice the readers into delving deeper.

You should bring out the significance of the topic clearly or appealingly introduce the required context. The bullying definition comes in this part of the essay.

Now, this is important.

3. The Thesis Statement

In this part, the writer should give the main claim supported in the bullying research paper. It should appear at the end of the introductory paragraph, and it provides a concise summary of the main point or claim of the bullying essay.

4. The Main Body

Here is the course meal now. You don’t want to give your readers some tantalizing appetizers then turn them off with a rogue course meal.

The writer brings out his/her argument in detail and refers to secondary sources.

It is where you elaborate on how to prevent bullying in schools. The causes, or even the effects of bullying, can be included too. Remember to write on both sides of your argument, and then state why you think one is more convincing than the other.

5. Conclusion

Some dessert is essential at the end of a meal.

Sum up your main points as elaborated in your bullying essay body paragraphs. Do not add new ideas in this part of the essay.

Write A Perfect Bullying Essay

Writing an argumentative bullying essay has never been this easier. With the elaborate bullying essay outline above, you can be sure that nothing can go wrong.

Nothing can stop you now! Why not start writing one right now?

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