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Being a college student is not as easy as you first thought. The truth of the matter is that college is much more difficult than high school. The classes are more complex and the requirements can be draconic. There are some professors who demand quite a lot from their students. And this is probably how you ended up searching for information about the Rogerian essay. One of your professors probably assigned you this strange-sounding essay.

The good news is that the Rogerian essay is not an overly complex piece of academic writing. You just need to know what it is, what it is used for, and how to write it. Of course, choosing the right topic and looking at a few examples are also things you must do. Fortunately, you will find everything you need to know in this blog post.

So, What Is a Rogerian Essay?

What is a Rogerian essay? This is probably the first question on your mind right now. The reality is that you can read as many Rogerian essay examples as you like. They won’t help you understand what makes the Rogerian essay so special. This type of academic paper is different from an argumentative essay, even though it may look like one at first glance.

You probably know how to write an argumentative or a persuasive essay. You need to present your arguments and support them fiercely. After all, you were taught that you need to convince the audience to adopt your point of view. A free Rogerian argument essay, on the other hand, does not aim to persuade the audience through the force of the arguments. It has a more subtle approach, yet it is equally as effective.

A Rogerian style essay aims to find middle ground when there is a great chance that the audience will not agree with you no matter how well you support your arguments. Finding common grounds with your audience on the matter and then presenting your side of the argument (without dismissing the other side of the argument, of course) can be a very persuasive tactic. This is exactly what a Rogerian argument essay is.

Where to Get Good Rogerian Essay Examples From?

You now understand what this essay is all about. Yet, you have no idea how you can write one or how such an academic papers might look like. This is where a good Rogerian argument essay example comes into play. All you have to do is critically analyze some excellent Rogerian argument essay examples and you will almost be able to write one yourself. Here are the main benefits of doing so:

  • Analyzing a sample Rogerian argument essay enables you to discover the structure of such an academic paper.
  • You can see with your own eyes how an experienced writer finds middle ground with his or her audience.
  • A well-written Rogerian essay example teaches you how to avoid bias and how to present both sides of a sensitive argument.
  • And finally, a sample Rogerian essay that is 100% original can become the basis for your own paper. You can use parts of it at your discretion.

The best way to get a 100% original example of a Rogerian style essay is to contact a writing company. Don’t ever use essays you find online. They are not original and they also frequently contain various style and structure errors. Don’t risk it and get a good sample from an experienced Rogerian paper writer.

Best Rogerian Argument Essay Topics

You’ve now – presumably – read at least one Rogerian essay sample. You have an idea about how the final paper should be like. Now, it’s time to talk about Rogerian essay topics. Truth be told, the Rogerian argument essay topics you pick for your papers have a great influence over the grades you get. Professors tend to award bonus points to intriguing topics. That’s not to say that the way you write the paper doesn’t have any consequence. It only means that you should strive to find the best topics possible. A good topic equals and interesting essay; and an interesting essays almost always equals an A+ or an A. To help you get the highest grade, we’ve compiled a list of 17 excellent topics for Rogerian essay writers:

  1. Evolution versus God. (be careful, it’s a very sensitive topic)
  2. Should we lower the drinking age in the United States?
  3. Euthanasia should be made legal in the US. (one of the best topics for a Rogerian essay)
  4. We need more surveillance in the United States.
  5. Stop advertising products to children!
  6. Animal testing has clear benefits.
  7. Citizens should not be permitted to own a firearm.
  8. The advantages of the Two-Child policy.
  9. The legalization of cannabis should be stopped. (one of the good Rogerian essay topics, but a very sensitive topic)
  10. It’s wrong to forbid people of the same sex to get married.
  11. Every citizen must be allowed to own a gun.
  12. The death penalty should be made mandatory for murder and rape.
  13. The death penalty should be eliminated from the United States judicial system.
  14. Students should not be forced to attend Religion classes.
  15. Should we ban smoking in public areas?
  16. Are we too dependent on our computers and smartphones?
  17. Violent games cause behavior problems and should be better regulated.

How to Write a Rogerian Argument Essay Quick and Simple

You can pick any of the topics above and write an essay about it. The first time you write such a paper can be a bit difficult, so here are the basic steps, if you want to learn how to write a Rogerian argument essay fast:

  • Read at least one good Rogerian argument essay sample and then select a good topic for your next academic paper.
  • Before you start writing, think about both sides of the argument. Try to learn more about your audience. Think about the perfect way to find common ground.
  • Write a short introduction where you describe the problem.
  • The next thing you need to do is to acknowledge the opposing argument in one or two paragraphs. Yes, in the Rogerian essay format you need to start by presenting the opposing argument.
  • Use the next one or two paragraphs to state your own position on the issue. Support your statements and make it clear why you chose this position. Your writing must be fair, even and clear.
  • In the next paragraph, explain to the audience why the opposing position should consider at least some of the arguments that support your position. Under no circumstances should you dismiss the opposing position. You need to bring the two sides together and find middle ground.
  • Write the conclusion. Here, you will briefly remind the audience of the two sides of the argument and of the main points of your position. End with a strong call to action. Your audience should be asked to consider something.

And this is the quick answer to the “how to write a Rogerian essay” question that was causing you headaches. Writing such an essay is not difficult if you know how to go about it. Keep in mind that a Rogerian argument essay outline can help you tremendously – it will help you stay organized and focused. And remember – even if you find it hard to cope with rogerian essay assignment on your own, our online essay writers are ready to give you a helping hand.

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