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Before you write an Othello essay, the first thing that you must do is to know who Othello is. Perhaps if you have read Shakespeare’s works, watched his plays, or simply love art, then you already have some idea on who he is. Or maybe you have heard the name “Othello” from other people because he is quite familiar.

But others do not have any idea who Othello is. Most probably because they do not recognize Shakespeare’s works, or they have not seen his plays or heard any information about Othello. Here, we will help you write an essay on Othello even if you don’t have any prior knowledge about him. As we’ve mentioned in the post about “O Captain! My Captain!”, literary essay writing has some specifics you need to keep in mind.

Essay on Othello: Read Before Writing

As we mentioned earlier, you must familiarize yourself with the subject, which is Othello. In this way, you will be able to write a good essay. Hence, the first question that you have to ask yourself is “Who is Othello?” Asking this question before writing the essay is essential since it can stimulate interest in the subject. Hence, it can encourage you to do some research about Othello essay topics. If you want to read the complete edition of Othello, then you should get No Fear Shakespeare Othello by SparkNotes. It includes plain English translation to help you understand the play.

Othello jealousy essay will tackle the suffering, misfortune, and death that Othello endured due to jealousy. Although there are external forces that triggered this weakness, yet it seems that the character of Othello is being dominated by jealousy. The truth is the major factor that shatters the character of Othello is jealousy and it was triggered by the character of Lago. Eventually, jealousy is the major cause of Othello’s downfall. Most Othello quotes are emanated from jealousy.

Othello Syndrome

Also known as pathological jealousy, delusional jealousy, or morbid jealousy, is when someone has the delusion that their partner is cheating on them. Most likely, they will keep on interrogating their partners, look for some proofs, evaluate their fidelity, and even do some stalking. This is a psychological disorder that often occurs in males than in females.

Othello Essay Prompts

Racism in Othello essay seems to be evident since Othello is a black man and he is in Venice which is dominated by white people. Othello suffered racist slurs in the play due to Lago’s jealousy and hatred. On the greater part of the play, Othello tries to ignore, defy, or simply feel unconcerned about racism.

Women’s role in Othello essay is highly emphasized. Othello, Lago, and Cassio, the main characters of the play, have a woman who always stands behind them. These women feel that they should be loyal to their husbands and respect their wishes.

Some of the sources that you will find will probably explain the character that Othello played on Shakespeare’s famous play entitled “Othello”. If you will do further research, then you will learn why did Shakespeare write Othello and where did he obtain his inspiration. Hence, you must do extensive research to obtain some knowledge about the character as well as its origin. The knowledge that you obtained will be vital in writing your Othello essay introduction.


Make sure that your introduction thoroughly explained the character of Othello. This will prove that you have a vast knowledge about the Othello essay topic. A thesis statement must be present in your introduction to express the key message of your essay. This will be written after the Othello essay introduction.

Body of Essay

After the introduction, you will write the body of your Othello analysis essay. Be sure to make a plan before writing the essay, so you will know its components. Having a proper plan can greatly help you in writing the introduction as well as the body of your essay. It can help you organize your thoughts systematically. Keep in mind that every topic must be supported by various paragraphs. Essentially, the body of your Othello essay must contain the following:

  • An accurate description of who Othello is, where he lives, what is his occupation, as well as any other information about his life.
  • What are Othello’s characteristics? Among the Othello characters, is he the bad guy or the good guy? Is he playing a character wherein the audience will likely hate or like him? Can you identify yourself with Othello? Do you know any people who can identify themselves with his character?
  • What are the reasons why Othello is popular? In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, why does Othello stand out from the rest? Why is Othello still popular up to now?
  • Why is Othello important in the play? Can the story survive without Othello? Do you know how to play Othello?
  • What Othello themes are being supported in this play? What particular theme does Shakespeare want to express in Othello? Do you think that people are currently facing these issues?
  • Have you learned anything from Othello’s character? If so, what are these lessons? You must explain the details of each lesson.
  • Does Othello’s portrayal of his character fit into the message that Shakespeare wants to express?

These pointers can help you in making an Othello character analysis essay. It will explain clearly the character of Othello. Be sure to elaborate each Othello essay questions so your readers will be able to understand thoroughly. When writing your essay, always consider that your readers do not have any knowledge about Othello. However, you must also present each topic accurately to prevent any worthless information. Hence, be sure to keep it brief. Always follow the word limit to prevent penalization.

Essay Conclusion

After the body, the next thing that you need to write is the conclusion. This will comprise the Othello summary. Here, you will sum up all the significant things about the essay. Be sure to make your Othello synopsis brief. Explain who Othello is, his character traits, his significance in the essay, as well as the lessons that you have learned. Avoid discussing new information, rather you must keep your attention on the body. Always ensure that your thesis statement coincides with the body of your essay. Be sure to mention your thesis statement in the conclusion. This will let your readers know that you are supporting this statement.

Finally, don’t forget to edit your essay before submitting it. You need to correct any grammar and spelling mistakes.

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