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An essay is a vital part of the English language. There are many types of essay and one of them is observation essay. An observation essay is a type of essay in which the writer incorporates the readers through the whole process of any specific event. In other words, the author observes the subject carefully and writes down an essay telling about what he observed.

Let’s create a small observation essay example, imagine that you went to a farewell party. If you want to write an observation essay then you need to observe everything carefully. After observing and noting down all the details, you will be able to write an observation essay. Observation essay writing has its own unique format which makes it interesting. Below are the writing tips on how to write an observation essay.

How to Start an Observation Essay

It is essential that you need to observe in order to write an observation essay. Most people think that observation means what the author sees and that is wrong. Observation includes a series of tasks such as observing sensations, sounds and smells that are happening around the author.

Moreover, you need to observe even the smallest detail that works together with other things. Let’s create an example that you want to write a physical therapy observation essay. When you enter the physical therapy room, you start observing everything such as the chairs, windows, pictures hanging on wall, table and other things. Make sure that you note everything because you will be recreating that vision. In case if you didn’t observe properly then you will be having an imagination break down while writing an observation essay. In other words, you will get confused while writing.

Observation Essay Basics

Your teacher asked you to write a classroom observation essay. You started observing the whole classroom and even observe the smallest detail. On your way back home you though you will ace it because you observed everything and didn’t miss even the smallest detail. But when you start writing, you got tangled in many problems, but why? Because you started to forget those details. That is why you should create notes and note down everything.

There is a high chance that you can forget but if you have written it down, that means you just saved a back up for yourself in case you forgot something. The best way to write down notes for an observation essay is to note them without looking at the notebook.

Some people even try to write an observation without making an observation which is wrong. It is must that you should experience the thing at least once in your life. In order to create a wonderful observation essay, you have to be a topic guru. In other words, you have to explain to your reader what inspires you or what you survived.

Writing An Observation Essay


Many people ask how to start an observation essay and the answer is from the introduction. Introduction is the first part of “how to write an observation essay”. In the introduction, you will introduce your readers with what you saw, the place where you were observing, time of observation, why you choose that specific subject and any other piece of information that might help the reader to understand. The introduction of your observation essay should give an overview of the scenario of what you observed and its context.

Take a look at some observation essay examples, the author describes the background in the first paragraph. The paragraph should be concise because you don’t want to make your readers bored. The introduction is just a little background information or you can say an appetizer for the reader.

For example, you want to write a child observation essay or children observation essay. In the introduction, you will describe the place where you saw children or child. Furthermore, you will add the time when you were there and why were you there. In addition, you will also describe briefly what you saw to catch the reader’s attention. This is like throwing a hook to develop the reader’s interest.

Three-Paragraph Body

The body is the real course meal of observation essay. In other words, it is the section where you will be describing the scenario. We advvise you to write about three paragraphs here, so you have a typical 5-paragraph essay. Remember the notes you made during your observation? Its time to take them out and start arranging them into a cohesive narrative.

Do remember the most important point and that is don’t tell them, show them. Most writers make this mistake. This point is very important as well as the hardest point. You need to write in such a way that you are showing your readers what you saw. In other words, make the reader feel as if he/she was present in those moments that you experienced.

For example, let’s say that you went to the Amazon jungle and you want to describe others what you saw. You will write a naturalistic observation essay. You will describe what you saw such as exotic animals, trees, mud, insects such as spiders, hornet, etc. Make sure you write in an interesting way otherwise you will lose your reader’s attention.

If you looked at any observation essay before, you might have found it similar to academic assignments such as book report, article review, etc. Many experts recommend making a three-paragraph body which contains three powerful and supporting arguments. You need to arrange your notes according to the paper’s outline.


In conclusion, you will write a summary of the whole observation paper. Furthermore, you need to add your thoughts. You need to explain to your readers what observation means to you as well as for them.

Sometimes, you have to add a hidden message behind an observation essay. Let the readers discover it but, in some cases, you can even explain it to provide ease for the readers to understand.


One you wrote your observation essay, now leave it for a couple of hours or a day. Take a break and then (after a couple of hours or a day) read your paper carefully. Check for the mistakes and edit it. Make sure you edit the content, grammar, spelling, and clarity.

One of the most common mistakes is redundancy. This should be eliminated while you are proofreading. Read your paper at least 3 to 4 times to eliminate all the errors. Make sure that your essay makes sense as well as it is expressed clearly.

Observation Writing Tips and Tricks

Below are some tips and tricks for writing an observation essay.

  • Make sure that your topic is wonderful as well as attractive.
  • Write observation essay in the present tense.
  • Brainstorm all the ideas.
  • Make an outline before writing.
  • Try to use metaphors as well as precise language.
  • Make your introduction and conclusion short and simple.

Can You Tell Me Some Good Observation Essay Topics?

There are many hot observation topics but you need to pick carefully based on current events in the literature, music, or cinematography. Below is the list of some good observation essay topics.

  • Is honor more valuable than material goods?
  • Punctuality
  • The cost of freedom
  • The movie I can watch a thousand times
  • What is the meaning of success?
  • Is music considered as the best therapy?
  • What are the three simple ways to get rid of the depression
  • How did I manage to solve the problems in the hardest phase of my life?

Observation is the key to success in observation writing. If you observed everything, which includes even the smallest detail, then it is a guarantee that you will ace it. Observation essay can be very interesting and at the same till very dull.

To make it interesting, you need to follow above all points. It doesn’t matter either you are a rookie or a professional, all you need to do is let your eyes and hands do the work and as Simone Bingemer said, “Often it is tiny fragments which either make a picture convincing or totally incidental”. Getting professional writing help is also a good solution. All you need is to contact a trusted company.

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