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What Is an argumentative essay about technology? An argumentative technology essay should present an arguable position on a designated topic. It should present both sides in a balanced way, but should clearly present evidence or examples in support of one of the sides. Because there are hundreds of interesting technology essay topics that can be discussed, it’s imperative the writer adequately provide relevant background information, definitions, and related questions so that the reader has all the details needed to decide whether or not the writer has successfully made a case.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay about Technology

  1. Select a Topic and Start Your ResearchSome professors may require you to select from a list of approved topics, but most of the time you are given the freedom to write on whatever interests you. The rule of thumb is that you select something that challenges you to explore new ground – so long as you are able to answer all related questions adequately. Conduct some background research on the web and creating a preliminary bibliography. Then look up those materials at your school’s library.
  2. Organize Your Research Materials in Create an OutlineReview your research notes and arrange them into related sub-topics. You should identify at least three key arguments that are the strongest in supporting your claims. Create an outline with an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. You don’t need to fill in all of the details, just enough for you to easily reference when you start the first draft.
  3. Write the Body Paragraphs First, Then the Intro and ConclusionWhen you start the essay on technology draft, your goal should be to write down as much material as possible without stopping to make corrections. The draft does not need to be perfect – you’re going to be the only person reading it. Try to get everything down in a single sitting, beginning with the body paragraphs (the core of the essay) and ending with the introduction and conclusion.
  4. Set Your Draft Aside for Few Days, Then Start Making RevisionsYou are going to need to spend some time away from the first draft in order to properly critique its strength. Consider all supporting evidence and examples and rethink the way you have organized the paper. Are there better ways of making your case? Is it logical and complete? These are just a couple of questions you need to ask yourself when making revisions. At this point you can start editing – but focus more on the overall content.
  5. Print Out Your Revised Draft and Start Editing and Proofreading In-DepthMake sure you print out a physical copy of the revised draft and use something like a red pen to mark up changes you need to make. Editing and proofreading are two different activities that need to be done separately. A specific paragraph, like technology essay introduction, for instance, requires your undivided attention. When you edit look at the overall structure, content, word choices, transitions, and clarity. When you proofread, you should look out for surface errors including grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Ask another student or a friend to have another look at your draft before you hand it in. Having a second pair of eyes may reveal one or two small mistakes you might have missed.

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

These ideas can be used for a technology argument essay for high school, college, or graduate level IT courses. These are only suggestions: so if you wish to modify them or develop them further to fit an area of the field you are more interested in, feel free to do so. They are completely free to use and share, and were written specifically to aid in getting your creative juices flowing.

  • Advancements in communication and information sharing and how technology has changed our lives.
  • Human interaction as a means to strengthen social bonds with colleagues in the workplace, and does technology make us more alone.
  • Intelligent military tactics and strategies used in areas with high populations and weighing the advantages and disadvantages of technology.
  • Healthcare and patient treatment in the 21st century and the positive and negative effects of technology.
  • Student learning and participating in the classroom and how public schools in low-socioeconomic areas need more technology in education.

The technology essay topics listed above can be applied to any writing assignment for most educational levels. They were inspired by conversations found on the web and can be customized to fit any subject or idea that interests you. If you need more assistance coming up with original essay topics or need more resources related to writing or formatting an essay about technology, contact our professional writing services for myriad academic products created by experts for students in the field of information technology.

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