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A short story essay is a mixed genre of short prose that combines the elements of an essay and a short story. The word count of a short story essay is usually between 1000 to 5000 words. This type of essay is different from a short story or just a five-paragraph essay.

A short story essay combines the fiction in a short story and the non-fictional straightforwardness associated with an essay. Striking the right balance between the two to ensure your reader gets the message is very important. However, the necessary skills for doing it when writing the short prose might not be that easy.

This article will take you through how to write a short story essay, differences between this type of writing and others, tips on how to write, and short story essay examples.

How To Write A Short Story Essay

Writing a short story in an essay style can be a bit of technical writing. First of all, you need to understand these two types of short prose to effectively combine them in writing. What is a short story and what is an essay?

A short story is a work of fiction that might be based on real-life events and people. However, the majority of the story is made up by the writer. The plot of the story can also be something completely imagined by the writer. There are various types or genres of short stories; from historical fiction to science fiction, and romance.

An essay is a short piece of writing presenting one’s side of an argument. There are various types of essays. They can be classified into formal and informal. The essay relating closely to a short story is the personal essay where the writer relates his personal experiences in a matter in an essay.

Personal essays focus mostly on a person’s perspective on an issue. Elements of a short story mixed into this kind of essay are what makes a short story essay. Note that this essay is different from when a short story is just cited or mentioned in an essay.

To write a good short story essay:

  1. Develop a plot: You have to determine what the story would be about from the beginning to the end. You have to determine the details and ensure that you can write about it from the beginning to the end.
  2. Write your first draft: Writing is not as easy or as simple as many people like to think. You would realize that your first draft might not coherently present all your ideas and thoughts, but at least, you have them on paper.
  3. Write a second draft: You can move on to correctly present your arranged ideas in your short story. You can write more than two drafts before you type your essay and prepare it for submission. But, make sure you write two at least if you don’t have the time to write more than that.
  4. Edit and Proofread: You might want to leave the typed copy for a day or two before you try to edit and proofread. This wait will help you see your writing in a new light. Errors that you might not have noticed before will be highlighted. You can also have someone else proofread and edit it for you. Once you are sure your short story essay is error-free and at an acceptable standard, you are good to go.

Short Story In A Essay

Other than the mixed genre of writing, you can mention a short story in an essay. There is a certain way to do this though. You need to know how to write the title of a short story in an essay and how to cite a short story in an essay.

When you write a short story in an essay, you have to indicate that you are referring to the story. If it is the title of one single short story, you write it in quotation marks. If it is a collection of short stories, the title should be typed in italics. How to type a short story title in an essay is easy and straight forward.

If you are citing a paragraph or page from a short story, just put it in quotation marks and you are good to go. Even if you are writing a short story analysis essay or an essay on short stories where you cite a lot of paragraphs, you are supposed to have the extracted paragraphs in quotation marks to help your readers know that it is copied. You can even have your references stated to avoid charges of plagiarism.

Examples Of Short Story Essay Topics

Just like there are various types of short stories and essays, short story essays are of various types. From a life story essay to a scary story essay or a short horror story essay, there are several ways you can spice up your essay. There are many short story essay examples written in these genres. Check the suggestions from our best essay writers.

Some of these short story essay topics are:

  • What I would do if I could go back in time
  • If I could change anything in history, what would I choose?
  • The weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life.
  • The most intriguing experience of my life
  • The few things I never want to lose.
  • What one thing I would change one thing about me.
  • The billion dollars worth of my time
  • What I would do if I could control time?
  • The most beautiful thing in the world for me.
  • The pleasant sound of the piano to my ears
  • When I started living in my first house
  • The day I felt most successful
  • The one time I felt wrong about a person.
  • My most genuine act of kindness.
  • What I have learned from my younger sibling
  • How I experienced a historic event.
  • How I started break-up speeches.
  • The most interesting time I have ever spent with my mother.
  • One experience I never want to have again.
  • The smallest risk that can ever be taken.
  • What to do when you feel alone?
  • The worst decision I think I ever made.
  • The hardest thing I did in school
  • The challenges I had to overcome as a nursing mother
  • What I did to relieve stress from work?
  • How I overcame depression
  • 5 seemingly normal problems that I can’t live with

You can write a literature essay on these topics or even an essay about literature written on these topics.

Tips On Writing A Short Story

In writing this short prose writing, here are some tips that will aid your writing:

  • You should write more of a description than a dialog in your essay.
  • Add a twist to your story. It will help keep your readers on the edge and gives it a certain attraction.
  • Make sure your first paragraph is catchy. As you don’t have a lot of opportunities to expand and let your readers get interested, make sure they are hooked from the first paragraph.
  • Start your story building to a crisis or climax and deliver a resolution at the end.
  • Create solid characters with multi-faceted features that make them as solid as possible and relatable to your audience.

Short story essays can be fun to write if you know how to. You can also keep your readers interested with this type of essay. Try practicing with this topics, and before long, you will find that you can write a short story essay like a professional.

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