It’s time to talk about how to write texts fast. Many people do not like to write, as the work on the article cost them a few hours or even a whole day. If you write texts for yourself – It will help you to do an article sooner by obvious reasons. If you write it for someone – you save time by applying a system of proper organization of work.

Time management experts believe that person is always looking for an excuse. The author of one of the best books on time management, “Getting Things Done,” David Allen said about human laziness. David is sure that the issue of effective work of any person lies in his own thinking. David recommends loving your work, to organize it properly and to execute it according to the plan.

Go out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to do. For example, if you put a timer with a sound that will remind you that you must hurry – you will be in a hurry. Do not think that you will work less without a timer. But with every thud speaker – you will feel like running out of time. I personally use an hourglass – the sand falls, the brain works faster.

Prepare the workplace. Remove all unnecessary details. If you write by hand, there should not be anything other than paper, pens, and specialized literature then on the table. If you are sitting at the computer, close all needless tabs, open only file for texting. Turn off your smartphone, because when you start writing the paper, it will call and distract you with pointless information.

Do you work at home? Ask your roommates to cut your brain. You need someone to come and ask whether the paper is written and how the progress is going on … You will feel very uncomfortable to find excuses and as a result you will try harder to prepare the paper in time, and not to check the mail and watching cats video in YouTube.

Just write. Do not be distracted any matter what. Do not check e-mail, do not look for pictures, do not read the news. Try to write a paper in one hour go from 5 to 10 thousand characters. The fingers run on the keyboard themselves, as it is necessary.

Re-read and edit the text. You need to run twice in the text to make the good quality of your work. Enhance everything you can. Ask your friend or member of the family to read your paper and then edit it once again.

Attention and attention once again – that is all you need to pass the paper on time. Follow our tips and you will do it well!

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