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When you get into college, most of your time will be spent writing assignments such as term papers and essays. One of the common types of assignments you are likely to encounter is a Cold War essay. So how do you go about writing essays on the Cold War? Here is a guide to crafting the best Cold War Essays.

Writing Captivating Cold War Essay

The first step top crafting a great essay is to understand the subject. So what is Cold War? Following the end of WWII, USSR and the USA emerged as the two superpowers. Each superpower started working towards reducing the power of the other. This competition resulted in severe competition between the USA and Russia, referred to as the Cold War.

Once you have grasped the entire concept of the Cold War, you are ready to go. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Pick an interesting topic

When writing a Cold War type of essay, it is advisable to narrow down to a specific aspect.

For example, you can consider “causes of the Cold War essay” or “what were the effects of the Cold War.” Try to make the topic as interesting as possible.

Because the Cold War was a type of diplomatic war, there are many accounts of the causes and impacts. Therefore, it is prudent to read about the topic as widely as possible before starting to write the paper. This will help you to develop the right arguments and supporting points.

  • Develop a good essay outline

Like other types of essays, writing Cold War Essays requires you to craft a good outline. This is the ultimate guide for writing your paper. The common outline for a standard paper is an introduction, body, and conclusion. But if the paper is lengthy, you could extend it to include additional components such as methodology and results.

Equipped with an outline and key points, you are now ready to start working on the essay. It is referred to as the draft because you will need to work on it to refine the different arguments before submitting it.

The last step when writing an essay on the Cold War is editing your draft. Even if you have a great paper, but it has some mistakes, the chances are that you will only get poor grades. Therefore, you should carefully edit your paper to remove spelling mistakes, unclear statements, difficult to understand words, and ensure there is a clear flow from the beginning to the end.

How to Structure Cold War Essays

The structure of your essay on Cold War is perhaps the most important component when developing the paper. The outline demonstrates the main points that you should discuss in different parts of the essay. Here is a sample outline:

Make sure to select a great topic of interest.

For example, “What are the causes of Cold War?” and “could Cold War have been avoided?”

This is the first part of your essay and should be used to capture the attention of the reader. You should commence the introduction by using a great hook statement. Then, mention the problem broadly and capture some background using numbers or quotes.

The last sentence of the introduction should be a thesis statement. This is your main argument in the essay. Note that the thesis should be felt throughout the paper.

In the body of your essay on Cold War, this is where you discuss the main points. The body should be broken down into different paragraphs, with each capturing a different point. If you are writing a short essay on Cold War, you can consider the following structure:

  1. Paragraph one: What is Cold War?

  2. Paragraph two: The causes of the Cold War

  3. Paragraph three: The effects of the Cold War

When developing every paragraph, the first statement should be the topic sentence. This highlights the main point and your argument. Then, use the subsequent sentences to support the key points. Remember also to highlight counterarguments where applicable.

This is the last section of your essay. First, you should restate the thesis statement that you highlighted in the introduction. However, be careful to use different words to avoid appearing repetitive. Then, summarize the main points that you discussed in the paper. Finally, point out the lessons learned. If you are working on a standard paper, one paragraph should be ample. However, two to three paragraphs might be necessary when working on a lengthy Cold War Paper.

Special Tips to Help You Craft a Winning Essay about Cold War

Writing a Cold War paper can be a challenge because it is a scenario that has been interpreted differently by different authors. For example, unlike in scientific studies where the primary causes of a problem can be interrogated severally, the arguments on Cold War causes tend to vary depending on whether the writer supports USSR or the USA. To help you craft a great paper, here are some tips to help you.

  • Understand the phases of the Cold War. Cold War started around 1946 (after WWII) and ended in 1987. During this period, it went through seven phases. Make sure to understand these phases as well as the Cold War causes and effects.

  • Ensure to read what caused the cold war essay examples from top writers. This will help you to understand how various points are presented. You will also learn how to structure the essay.

  • Carefully follow the instructions provided by your tutor. For example, how many words did your teacher say you write? What about the formatting of the first page?

  • Ensure to reference your essay well. Like other types of academic papers, your Cold War Causes essay should be carefully referenced. This means that every resource, quote, or statistics you use should be credited to the resource it was borrowed from.

  • Practice writing similar essays as much as you can. Notably, writing great essays and term papers is a skill that requires time to develop. Therefore, it is important to start working on skills as early as possible. Remember that developing these skills will not just help you to write the “who started the cold war essay” only. They will be helpful even in other types of academic writing.

Seek Help Writing Your Paper

Whether you are writing an essay on “what were the causes of the Cold War” or “the implications of Cold War on the US foreign policy,” there is no doubt that it can be a serious challenge. This can be complicated if you do not have the right skills, or the deadline is tight. The best solution is seeking writing help from expert writers. The writing professional will write your Cold War paper in record time and guarantee you the best marks.

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