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Writing on controversial essay topics is an important exercise at different academic levels. Students are assigned writing assignments on these topics because they enable them to hone their communication and argumentative skills. It’s therefore, not surprising students at different study levels want to choose the best topics for this essay.

Good controversial essay topics are easy to transform into something more generalized or more specific. They can be adapted to suit the needs of the essay writer or the assignment requirements. This is very important because you should take a stand on a specific subject when writing this essay.

The subject for which you write this essay is one that people have strong opinions about. Ideally, controversial argumentative essay topics should allow a two-side way presentation. Each side or claim should be supported with evidence from credible sources or class readings.

How to Choose Good Controversial Essay Topics

The first step in the process of selecting a controversial topic for an essay is to choose a hot and burning issue. This enables your essay to provoke confrontation and raise debates. It’s important to choose an issue that reflects divergent feelings and opinions that lead to arguments and disputes. This divergence can be due to the existing political, social, and other beliefs.

Your task as an essay writer is to polarize individuals that make strong arguments for or against a specific subject. Therefore, make sure that your essay reflects different concepts, ideas, and points of view. It’s important to choose a controversial essay topic for which you can find sufficient supporting evidence for both sides. However, don’t choose a topic that has been written about and debated for too long because your essay will be boring.

Examples of Controversial Topics for Essay

Your choice of a topic for which to write an essay will largely depend on your academic level. That’s because your study level influences your understanding and opinion on different topics. Here are examples of topics for different academic levels.

Middle School Essay Topics

Students are expected to start writing essays on controversial topics in middle school. At this academic stage, students focus on 5-paragraph essays. They also learn how to write a controversial essay in a formal language in preparation for high school. Here are examples of controversial topics for middle school essays.

  1. Mobile Phones Should be Prohibited in the Classroom
  2. Middle Schools Should or Should Not Ban Soda and Junk Food Pop from Cafeterias and Vending Machines to Curb the Obesity Problem
  3. Does Technology Detract or Enhance Human Relationships?
  4. Violent Computer Games Make or Do Not Make People Violent
  5. Music and Art Classes Should be Made Mandatory and Valued Like English and Math
  6. Sex Education Should or Should Not be Mandatory in School
  7. School Uniform Should or Should Not be Mandatory for Middle School Students
    School Prayers Should or Should Not Be Banned
  8. Desecrating or Burning the American Flag is or is Not an Important Civil Right
  9. Should Students be Allowed to Grade Teachers?
  10. College Education is or is Not Necessary for an Individual’s Future Success
  11. Should Voting Be Made Mandatory?
  12. Is Killing Pigs and Cows for Meat Okay but wrong for Cats and Dogs?
  13. Should Physical Education be Made Mandatory?
  14. Can Alien Invasion be Good because it Might Unite Human Beings for a Common Cause?

High School Essay Topics

In high school, students are expected to conduct research and find evidence to support the claims they make when writing on controversial persuasive essay topics. Here, students can write on more sophisticated subjects. That’s because they are starting to gain knowledge from different classes. Therefore, if you choose a topic when writing a high school essay, you may need information from outside sources to support your argument. Here are examples of controversial topics for high school essays.

  1. Abortion is Different from Murder
  2. All Automatic, handguns and Assault Weapons Should be Banned and Riffles Only Allowed for Recreational Hunting
  3. The Government Should Raise the Minimum Wage to Enable Any Full-time Worker to Afford Standard Expenses of a Daily Life
  4. The Government Should Legalize all Drugs to Reduce Organized Crime Power and Ensure their Safe Use
  5. Teachers Should Undergo Training to Use Guns and Armed Security Guards Stationed in All Schools
  6. Healthcare should be a Basic Right Just like Education to Guarantee Everybody Healthcare Coverage through a Slight Tax Increment.
  7. Marijuana Should or Should Not be Legalized
  8. Parent and Guardians Should be Allowed to Microchip Children in Case of runaways, abductions, or to Inform Medics of their Special Needs
  9. The Legal Drinking Age Should or Should not be lowered to 18 Years Since a Person Old Enough to Cast a Vote is Sufficiently Old to Drink
  10. Affirmative Action Are Important for the Continued Institutionalized Racism and Unconscious Discrimination
  11. Cheerleading is Unnecessary and Sexist although it Requires Athletic Skills
  12. Region Causes More Harm than Good
  13. Religious Fundamentalism is More of a Problem for Muslims than Christians
  14. Are Students Taught Practical Skills Like Investment and Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts in Schools?
  15. Companies Should Make Salaries of their Employees Transparent
  16. Countries Should Bar Immigrants from Entering their Boarders to Prevent Undocumented Person Problems

College Essay Topics

Choosing controversial topics for a persuasive essay is a very common practice in college. At this academic level, students are expected to delve deeper into the subjects they write about. You also have to conduct substantial research drawing from specific areas of the subject. You may even need some expert writing help. Here are examples of controversial topics for college essays.

  1. Undergraduate Tuition Ought to be Free or an Extension of the Mandatory Grade Education
  2. All Police Officers Should Receive the Same Training and Undergo Similar Psychological Assessments to Reduce Unnecessary Force Use and Corruption
  3. Spending a Minimum of One Semester Abroad Should be Mandatory for All College Students
  4. What is the Most Pervasive Discrimination Globally?
  5. Is Gender Socially Constructed?
  6. Is there Historical Jesus Evidence?
  7. Can Marketing Tactics make Changing Human Behavior Easier than the Law?
  8. Should Insurance Policies Cover Preventable Illnesses?
  9. Should Menstrual Care be Tax-Free and/or Covered by Health Insurance Policies?
  10. The Government Should Take a More Active Role in the Management of Energy Companies to Ensure Sustainable Marketing of Energy Services and Products
  11. Salary Caps and Wage Transparency would be an Effective and Ethical Method of Reducing Income Disparity Severity
  12. Cyber terrorism is the greatest threat to National and Global Security
  13. Climate Change is the Greatest Threat to National and Global Security
  14. The Government has Failed on its War on Drugs and it Continues to Lose Resources that Could Fund International and Domestic Law Enforcement or Countering Terrorism Organizations
  15. Science and Media Literacy should be a More Pressing Priority for Public Health and Public Service Organizations

Current Events Essay Topics

If you love writing, you want to stay updated on current controversial issues essay topics. Current events may include those of stories featured in the news in one year. These topics can affect your country, the world, or the local community. Here are examples of arguable essay topics for current events.

  1. Linking of Facebook to Other Social Media Apps has Made it Too Invasive
  2. The United States Government Should Help in Overthrowing the Venezuelan Government
  3. The Islamic State Has Not Been Defeated the Way the Government Wants Us to Believe
  4. The Boeing Organization is Implicated in the Ethiopian Air Crash for Criminal Negligence
  5. Is President Trump Guilty of Abusing Power by Declaring Immigration an Official National Emergency?
  6. Should the Entire Mueller Report be released to Congress?

The Bottom Line

Selecting the topic for which to write a controversial issue essay can be a challenging part of the process of completing your assignment. For some people, choosing a topic is difficult than writing. Nevertheless, if you know what is expected of you and take time to conduct some research, choosing a topic becomes easy. You can also read controversial essay examples to get some hints when choosing a topic.

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