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History students will hardly miss child labor during the industrial revolution essay. Does it ring a bell in your mind? The Industrial revolution! That suggests that child labor is not a twentieth-century practice; it was their way before some of us were born.

It, therefore, implies that there is a rich source of materials in case you are to write a child labor argument essay. Get that anxiety off and now focus your labor on this post.

A Brief History Of Child Labor

From time immemorial, children have been reported to involve in labor activities even at a tender age. The Agrarian and Industrial revolution, however, intensified the demand for child labor all over the world.

Children would engage in industrial operations such as operating power-driven machines. Of course, some of these tasks were light, but others were heavy for these children. Others would work on farms as harvesters or gardeners with little or no pay at all. The labor was at the expense of them not attending school.

Now, this is where a child labor problem-solving essay would come in handy. Such articles have helped in stopping this practice all over the world.

Child Labor Essay Outline

The outline of an essay on child labor is the same as that of any other persuasive essay. It starts with a fascinating introduction, elaborate 5-paragraph body, and a commemorable conclusive paragraph.

The introduction should create curiosity in your reader’s mind concerning the problem at hand. Questions that can help you kick start your paper include:

  • What is the specific problem?
  • The driving force behind choosing that specific problem
  • Where the problem is prevalent

In the child labor essay body, bring out a clear picture of the problem by expounding on it. You can use life experiences and available facts and statistics that are authentic as your evidence. Provide working and realistic solutions to the problem, if any. Let your reader be able to see your stance, whether you support or are against it through the examples and evidence provided.

The conclusion involves a summary and possible solutions. Make a restatement of the thesis statement to affirm where you stand on this problem.

Causes of Child Labour

Briefly let us see some of the reasons for child labor all over the world:

  • Poverty
  • Cultures and traditions
  • Inability to access education
  • The economic state of a country

Among many other factors, these are some of the reasons why children engage in child labor. A persuasive essay about child labor would, therefore, exhaustively deal with these causes and offer a way out.

The most exciting section of this post is now here with us.

20 Amazing Topic Ideas for a Child Labor Essay

Coming up with a topic on such a subject may be difficult, but this informative post has a solution to that. You can try the following ideas:

  1. How far have we come in combating child labor?
  2. Who is to blame for children working, and why?
  3. The role of child protection agencies in combating this menace
  4. Essay about the causes and effects of child labor
  5. Forms of child labor today
  6. Relationship between economy and child labor
  7. Domestic violence as a cause of children working
  8. How debt bondage has contributed to the rise of child labor
  9. What jobs can children do that are not hazardous to them?
  10. Dimensions of child labor today
  11. Is society to blame for children working?
  12. Role of education in reducing cases of child labor
  13. Child abuse and child labor: The relationship
  14. A study of the jobs where child labor is prevalent
  15. The purpose of the media in curbing child labor
  16. At what age should one start to work?
  17. Child trafficking: A significant cause of child labor
  18. A case study of the laws about child labor
  19. The history of child labor and the progress made
  20. Is every kind of child labor exploitative?

Such a paper may involve a lot of emotions, especially if one has been through it. Every word used should, therefore, not be provocative to the point of opening up the healing wounds of the victims.

Child Labor Essay Explained

An essay on child labor has never been this easy. It is one informative paper that, if written to the required standards, can win a Nobel Peace Prize award. And of course, all you need to achieve that has already been described above.

What’s keeping you from grabbing that prize now?

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