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If you’ve been in a circumstance where you have to support your argument and back it up with facts, then you probably have a rough idea of what analytical thinking is. This article will give you insightful tips on how to write an analytical essay from scratch and additional information on alternative options to writing an analytical essay on your own.

What is an Analytical Essay?

Before delving into analytical essay writing, you need to ask yourself, “What is an analytical essay?” It is a type of paper where the writer has to present an idea then critique it. Whatever stand they choose, the student should manage to defend their points using facts.

Writing an Analytical Essay

The first thing to do for you to learn how to begin an analytical essay is to go through an older paper of this kind. An analytical essay example will help you have a rough idea of how to go about working on such an article. You get to see sample topics and formats which you can incorporate into your essay. Analytical essay writing has three significant parts you need to concentrate on, which are pre-essay writing, essay writing, post essay writing or essay editing. Here is a thorough breakdown of each of these sections.

Pre-essay Writing

In this section, you need to search for the topic or narrow down to a specific one. Academic institutions usually provide analytical essay topics ideas to students. All you have to do is narrow down the search to come up with a unique heading for your paper. It is essential to know the essence of your essay before settling for a topic. This will be significantly influenced by the kind of realm you are critiquing, such as science, fiction, or history. Next, think of the perfect thesis statement for an analytical essay, which will summarize your topic in the least words possible. If you cannot form one immediately, you can wait until you complete the task, then draft a thesis statement that resonates with your argument.

You also have to look for the necessary material that will help you in your analytical essay writing. Books, journals, magazines, and websites with scholarly content will come in handy during this time. As a thumb rule, skim through the books to make sure that whatever information that is in them will be useful. This saves you time when you settle down to read. And while you read through the books, see to it that you draft an outline that will guide you when writing your essay. It is better to write a draft before you begin reading. This way, you do not have to go through each book aimlessly.

Writing Your Essay

When it boils down to how to write an analytical essay, you need to put the analytical essay format in place. The first thing to jot down is the introduction. The introduction to an analytical essay should be engaging. Even so, keep the tone professional, and write minimal details about the paper. The essence of this bit is to introduce your ideas to the reader, not to explain everything in detail. Questions and intriguing facts about the topic are welcomed in this section. Your thesis statement should be somewhere in the beginning or middle of the introduction.

Next comes the body of your analytical essay sample. Here is where you state all the main points regarding your stand, then give supporting evidence as to why you take that position. When writing the body, the following rules have to be adhered to.

  • Cite all your sources especially once you copy a statement from the text
  • Write in details and try to convince the reader to join your line of thought
  • Be factual and avoid writing vague statements that do not have any back up to them
  • Use only scholarly books to back up your claims for credibility purposes
  • Finish off one point and move to the next one if you want to stay relevant
  • Use only the most recent sources of information
  • Section your work into paragraphs for easy readability
  • Do not quote authors for the sake of filling up space. Ensure that each quote explains your point

Finally, you will have to write a befitting conclusion for your piece. If you are looking for great ideas that will help you know how to conclude an analytical essay, take a look at the list below for helpful pointers.

  • A conclusion should wrap up all the main points effortlessly
  • Let your analytical essay conclusion be a link between each section, but keep it short
  • Use some comparison to help your reader understand why it is important to take your ideas
  • You have to provide recommendations to your readers in regards to the essay
  • Also, avail more intel on the consequences the readers will have to face if they do not ascribe to your school of thought
  • Ask a provocative question to see whether the reader understands what the paper tried to explain
  • Make a call to action to ensure that you bring with you new followers

Analytical Essay Topics

We know that at times the school professors may not provide students with a topic for their analytical essay. This can be devastating, considering that some students are still new to this kind of writing. If you fall under this group of students who are wondering which topic is best for an analytical essay, here is a list of some ideas that you can use as inspiration.

  1. Why carbs are silently killing millions of people daily
  2. Why it is important to feed school children a balanced diet
  3. The significance of sex education
  4. The effects of comparing grades in schools
  5. Should parents decrease screen time for their kids?
  6. The importance of hands-on parenting to teenagers
  7. The link between poverty and gangs
  8. Why do teenagers dislike school?
  9. The impact of violent movies on children
  10. Why parents have to substitute movies for books
  11. How will planting more trees save the earth?
  12. The benefits of going green
  13. Why fresh foods are better than preserved ones
  14. Why does everyone have to pay taxes?
  15. The significance of teachings kids matters concerning equality

You can use these analytical essay samples as a guide to help you come up with even more compelling analytical essay topics to write about. However, you can always ask for the help of qualified writers who know how to start an analytical essay effortlessly.


First, define what is an analytical essay before you begin writing about any topic of this kind. See to it that you adhere to the provided guidelines if you want to achieve perfection in your writing. Most importantly, write a befitting conclusion that merges everything.

Now you’re ready to write an excellent analytical paper. Don’t stop at this and learn how to compose a winning expository essay.

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