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Hardly we are able to know everything. And the more we learn and teach, the more we understand it. It is unlikely even at the first year at college that you can meet someone who never cheated. Today, options and ways to cheat on the exam are a lot. Modern technologies take an important place in this case. On the exam, there is in use everything from cheating with a textbook, to electronic cheat sheets.

  1. The bomb – a kind of cheat sheets, which is a pre-written answer to the question, which shall be in lieu of the paper on which you write (or not write) on the exam.
  2. Classic and the most “old-school” way of cheating on the exam – small paper cribs, but perhaps is the most difficult. Cribs are made either as an accordion or in the form of mini-books. They can be written in a small font by hand or 4-6 font typed letters.
  3. Cheating with the Internet today. The most important thing – it is the phone that supports access to the network. This method is good in cases where control of knowledge is carried out suddenly, without warning. In this case, it is practically the only way to cheat.
  4. Perhaps the most effective way of cheating today is cheating by “voice.” To do this, you will need: MP3-player with a headset or a regular phone with the headset. It is better if a headset has a Bluetooth.
  5. Cribs written on the body are still very popular. Here the classics are on hand cribs, hoarded by long sleeves. For girls the way to approach writing a text on her feet under the skirt. Even if a teacher notices something, he cannot prove accurate. Does not he look under your skirt?
  6. Pen-crib looks as a normal pen, but if you pull on the striped side is pushed stranded inside a roll of white paper on which is written a cheat sheet.
  7. Scrabble cheat sheets on the objects. The method is very complex to implement, but it is “forever.” To scratching the text you need needles and any items (pens, rulers, calculators).
  8. Pens with “invisible” ink. The mechanism of action is as follows: on a piece of pre-written text by the pen, and then on the exam simply shine on it a light source located at the other end of the pen. The text will be visible.
  9. Write the answer on the back label of the bottle. You can always bring a bottle of water to the exam and such a thing does not attract special attention.
  10. Write the answer in a small print on the nail of the thumb. This method is suitable if there is a problem with remembering formulas, but for large amounts of information is better to choose another method.

The above is not an exhaustive list of various kinds of cribs; however, it does not guarantee you success on the exam. It all depends on the teacher. As it is known, there are no cheat sheets, which can be attributed to the unnoticeable.

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