Through the interpretation both in Film and Theater a student of Film and Theater Studies can learn and transform himself into a versatile actor, active and open to potential jobs and projects arising within the Performing Arts. In this training, a student can learn to let go with the body, voice and speech, to improvise fictional scenes, work texts fluently, to express emotions and to give them an art form.

Film and Theater Studies reveal the techniques and tools that will train him to be on stage with greater presence, safety and enjoyment. In a supportive, non-competitive, where collective intelligence helps them grow as individuals, find a space for developing professional skills for performing in theater and films.

Value of Film and Theater Studies

During the Film and Theater Studies, students participate in acting workshops that requires a total commitment of students and teachers. Students apply the techniques and exercises for their performance theater as actors on TV and in Movies, by Academic samples, Practices and camera recordings.

Professional acting studios and workshops provide students with the tools for optimal development as an actor, through key subjects such as Performance, Dance and Body Expression, Body Training – Acrobatics and Vocal Technique for Actors.

Nobody is going to hire someone who does not seem serious, intelligent and reliable. No one is looking for an airhead, superficial and uneducated. The directors are looking for people trained, educated, serious, on whose shoulders to place responsibility for the success of a movie. Therefore, study of Film and Theater is the pivot point to become an actor.

What are the components of the object of study?

The essential elements are the actors and the audience. The representation can be mimicry, e.g. uses language. The characters do not have to be human beings as puppets or have been greatly appreciated nod along history as well as other scenic resources.

It can enhance a representation through costumes, makeup, sets, accessories, lighting, music and special effects. These elements are used to help create an illusion of places, times, different characters, or to emphasize a particular quality of representation and differentiate it from everyday experience.

The study of film and theater are key elements responsible for displaying all the elements that make possible the system, such as the director or producer. Hence, a student must have remembered a story, a script (vital part) in which actors work and offer the public the final product. As more differences have been found in the technical aspects, as each tells the story in terms of the tools that account, while in the film there are cameras and post production phrase in the theater should be resolved at the time of the act, unable to mend errors that occur.

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